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back. i'm joy reid in for melissa harris-perry. a shortage of water in the state of texas has left residents thirsty, frustrated, and saying what the frac. according to recent reports, the process of hydraulic fracking, more commonly known as fracking, which is used as oil extraction, is making the drought problem in the lone star state much worse. these areas in red that you're seeing on the map are parts of texas that are experiencing extreme and exceptional drought. the drought problem has become so bad that at least one texas resident is actually wishing for a natural disaster to help. rancher buck owens told the guardian newspaper that, quote, we've got to get floods. we've got to get a hurricane to move up in our country and just saturate everything to replenish the aquifer. while fracking makes up less than 1% of the water use in texas, in certain counties, according to a university of texas study, fracking uses up 50% of the water supply. but before we go any further, just what is fracking? i'm going to leave that explanation to "all in's" chris hayes, who not only explaine
with texas prior to the 2004 season, as cano bounces one foul back behind first, you and i talked about this last week during a telecast from san francisco, a-rod to the yankees. soriano to the texas rangers. now, the yankees provided texas with a list of five other players. rangers were able to choose one of the five. cano was actually on that list. but texas went with joaquin arias to be -- >> tim: you have a lot of decisions to make as a general manager. we talked about ben cherington and cash man. sometimes they're wrong. that was -- everybody knows now, the wrong decision. you also look at how the course of baseball history would have changed had aaron beau not played basketball during the off season. >> tim: isn't that the truth. has a knee problem. cano became a more paramount interest to the yankees. where is cano going to play next year, the dodgers? they're the new yankees. >> tim: became a red sox in 2004. >> kenny: broken bat. ground out to pedroia. we head upstairs to ken. >> ken: at this point, still late in the season, guys. it certainly lacks like robinson cano will hit
is vulnerable too. >> it almost reads like a movie script. it happened this week to a family in texas. are you freaked out yet? it's not just baby monitors at risk, and your home can be hacked too, if you are not careful. imagine your 2-year-old daughter sleeping and an outsider watching her through the baby monitor. that's what happened to a family in texas this weekend. they discovered the problem when they heard a man yelling at their toddler, reading her name off her bedroom wall. >> he said wake up, alison, you little [ bleep ]. >> the gilberts believed their house was hacked. and somebody kind of did. and there are more and more ways to hack your house, and many devices that are vulnerable. >> i can tell the light to please unlock the door. >> that's a hacker, literally unlocking your door. the smart lock is connected to a device that enables you to control your appliances from your home, and a researchers found a flaw in that device. >> i ran code on the light and compromised it, just setting up a backdoor, or i can control any device hooked up to it. >> in a world full of these devices
? >> yeah. that's why all the businesses in california move to texas. >> they have sunshine. >> the schools are not good there. taxes are high. >> workers won't follow them. >> that's why they're moving, jonas. i'm telling you -- you can have no unions and have what i'm talking about. a state has to give them a reason to live there. you'll never get high quality workforce in low tax states because -- >> john is jumping in here. >> i made -- i'm in california right now. i'm from texas. understand the migration. they're mad at governor perry. the ads, we have low taxes to no taxes. that's where they're moving. jonas, the demographics are completely against your argument. workers are and companies are leaving california in droves. especially to texas. >> certain kinds of companies that can do that but certain ones need high quality workers to support the tax base. >> jonas sounds like a union organizer to me when he says high quality workforces. we have high quality workforces. they're in the state and local government and teacher unions and they're grossly overpaid. a high quality workforce i
parenthood spend taxpayer dollars after in texas planned parenthood settled for $4.1 million, these federal fraud charges over how it administers medicaid. given the fact that there they are already under investigation for fraudulent billing and so forth, why the heck are we giving them a half a million dollars for obama care navigation? >> because, laura, the fact of the matter is, planned parenthood someone of the most trusted providers of healthcare in this country. every single year they provide healthcare to over 3 million women, half of them don't have insurance. 90% of the care that they provide is preventative care, wellness exams, pap smears, pelvic exams, that help save thens of thousands of women's lives likely per year. the fact that we are using plan the parenthood which women know to ensure that millions of american women get access to the healthcare and health insurance they deserve makes perfect sense. it's probably one of the best uses of taxpayer dollars to ensure that this slaw properly administered and people get advantage -- get take advantage of the healthcare benefits
for the as tonight. things going their way at the coliseum. as are a game-and-a-half behind texas. yoenis cespedes from the get go. his 20th home run of the season. cleveland also battling for a playoff spot. eric sogard is going down the right field line. here comes vogt all the way around to score. throws offline. sogard, a dead duck at third base. as have 3-2. in the 9th inning, a bullet. nope. and that's it. they double off the runner, donaldson throwing to second base. cleveland takes them out of a chance to at the very least have one more shot with a tieing run at second. 3-2, texas loses, as half a game back. still right there in the wild card. the giants bats had a party tonight in miami. bruce boche and company. yeah, long gone this season, but they had fun and hector sanchez who three-run homered yesterday won in the nation's capital. the giants had another three- runner tonight. kevin, all these great hits and he said they are 17 games out. get them on, get them off. 14-10 giants. again for larry bear who is our program director, don't ever do that again. larry, i'm sorry, we should ha
itch. in 1998 she was sued by texas cattle ranchers by saying mad cow is a problem. she says, i believe i come from being muzzled. i come from a people who died to have a show. she then moved her show to amarillo, texas, to promote this. in 2005, a similar thing happen nd paris where she was ejected from her meese and some of her friends fed news saying if this was celine di on or barbra streisand, this wouldn't have happened. >> was this just a convenient time to tell this story? >> well, it's a convenient time. she's a great entertainer and showperson. and you've got to love "time" magazine which picked up the bag and arran with it. they went to switzerland and talked about how racist switzerland is. they talked about how asiel seekers were not being permitted to use the pool or sports facilities. they also pointed out the handbag was made of crocodile and a group called for paws was protesting oprah winfrey's even looking at it. >> rick, the media just kind of took her story and ran with it and it took days before anybody heard from the shopowner or the salesperson. >> yeah. they jus
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as voting rights -- violations with what he's done with texas. isn't it? >> so the easy thing for the justice department to do is just be to sue over these measures and say court, you got to stop these. but i think they're going to go for the bigger game in north carolina, just as they have in texas. and what they're going to try to do is say we know the part of the voting rights act that was in effect since 1965 is gone. but what they're trying to do in texas, and what they're going to do in north carolina is say to a judge we still need to force under a different section of the voting rights act but still survive the supreme court decision, we need to require these states to still get approval because there is still discrimination going on. so i think in a couple of weeks, they'll follow the same line in north carolina. >> we saw a lot of outrage from groups. and some of the groups are threatening to sue and other things. but actually on the photo i.d., the public opinion for that is fairly high across the country. that if people ask, is it reasonable to show a piece of -- a
you texans call up, because this administration was responsible for the annexation of texas. the tylers have a lot of children. >> it is what kept them apart for a great deal of their married lives. john tyler was constitutionally incapable of being out of public office. he was addicted to it so left her at home to run the family, to run the business, and to continue to manage this incredible group of children they had almost from the very start. >> running their plantation would have been how large an operation? >> one of the issues is a are always on the very edge of solvency, so they never live one place more than 10 years. they are always moving around. they own between 30 and 35 slaves, and they are growing wheat and corn for about 600 acres to 900 acres, and that is between plantations. they then moved to the other side of virginia, so they are continuing to try to figure out a way during these striking economic changes to the country and go into what is going on in 1837, to find a way they can keep their heads above water, and with john tyler gone for so long and so o
rampage in fort hood, texas. this woman saw the man firing when she arrived at medical building at the military base. she says he was running toward her rapidly shooting his guchbility she saw a red laser flash across her eye and she began somewhating back. wounded in her hand and leg. fell to the ground. says he then kicked her weapon out of her hand and just as he was about to shoot her again another officer fired and she saw the man fall to the group. he's an army psychiatrist accused of massacre of 13 soldiers. all unarmed. >> bay area lawmaker tells abc 7 news that increased oversight is necessary to reign in the national security agency. "washington post"reports the nsa has broken privacy rules thousands of times each year since receiving broad new power in 2008. the based on information given to the post by former nsa analyst now wanted leaker edward snouden. representative spear says the nsa has abused the powers. >> if you need that kind of surveillance get a warrant. go to court and get a warrant. don't go to secret court that never sees the light of day and don't
los premios texas. esto y mÁs ahora mismo en "primer impacto." >>>♪. >>> mi cabeza no puede con un hijo en la calle drogandose, con un hijo muerto, es demasiado para mÍ. >>> es la reacciÓn de una madre que no ha podido rescatar al nieto del comediante cantinflas de un oscuro abismo. >>> bienvenidos a "primer impacto." >>> soy bÁrbara bermudo pamela continÚa vacaciones y gracias por estar con nosotros mÁs adelante verÁn esos declaraciones de sandra bernal la ex esposa de mario moreno que rompe el silencio y tambiÉn pone en duda el suicidio de uno de sus hijos, serÁ mas adelante. >>> pero vamos con estas imÁgenes de un cauto se prendiÓ en llamas y la de manda de un hombre que perdiÓ su familia, y desde los Ángeles salvador duran nos cuenta que fue lo que pasÓ. >>> son imÁgenes imposibles de borrar de la memoria. >>> tras sufrir un accidente en uno autopista de los Ángeles una mujer queda prendo anida llamas. >>> y un grupo de buenos samaritanos intentan salvarle la vida pero todo fue en vano. >>> tampoco sabÍan que dentro del auto habÍa una niÑa de nueve aÑos de ed
podría traer lluvias para texas para el fin de semana y así que advertencias para las zonas altas que tengan un feliz fin de semana, buenas noches y que descanse. @p >> y cuando se volcó la camioneta en que viajaba y no hubo tiempo para celebrar y rodrigo salinas sigue en este equipo. >> su rival tenía un viejo conocido como protagonista y logró contener, pase incompleto y más tarde encendió motores, aceleró a fondo y se fue por todo lo largo y regresando la encomienda y kansas city tomaba ventaja y la solución estaba en las manos de este nueve pasos bueno y ganaron 15 a 13. >> completaba el avance de 56 yardas y no tenía tiempo ni quien lo defendiera, nueva orleáns se anotó al victoria. >> los gigantes explotaron a la defensiva y me mientras tanto el venezolano se volaba la cverca y susto en la octaba entrada luego del pelotazo que recibía polanco. >> batazo que terminaba con los 363 pies y atrapada espectacular y lo obligaba a sacar obligado y se quedan con la victoria y están a medio juego del 1er lugar. >> las Águilas del américa visitaron también carretera.
to get stuff. a district attorney's office in and texas bought the office margherita machine. "the new yorker" reports in texas police stop people for a routine traffic violations and if they haae money with them sometimes take them to a jail until they agree to give their money to the city and if they resist because they have kids of the car they will threaten to ta the kids away turnover to child protective services. in cells like extortion. use of the port perturb lot is growing in 20 years ago the justice department collected 27 million but last year they grabbed more than $4 billion worth. government always grows. one la example from my town the police chief department did great job reducing crime but it grows even the stupidest ways. >> this is the scene near wall street where one year ago during the occupy wall street protest barricades were placed around a sculpture of the wall street bull and police officers were stationed here. >> had to put up the barricades to protect him. >> they had to? know they didn't. it is ridiculous it weighs more than 3 tons and is nearly indestruct
this rain yet. houston, there are some areas of texas that desperately need rain and we have been watching that tropical low, still looks like it could clip the south end of texas. a little good news at the end there. >> ginger zee, thank you. >>> now to the string of bear attacks tonight. nearly half a dozen attacks in the last 48 hours. several people injured. among them a little girl. the first attack in yellowstone national park. another one, 70 miles in idaho. another attack in colorado. just tonight, word of a rescue in alaska. a mauling in the middle of the evening. they wore night-vision goggles to find him. abc's linzie janis tonight. >> reporter: this 12-year-old was going for a jog, training for her favorite sport when she came across a bear. >> and she had seen a bear out of the corner of her eye. >> reporter: her grandfather said she started to run faster but the black bear like this one chased her. >> started running again and he came up behind her again and knocked her down. >> reporter: at one point, abigail tried to play dead and but she did the best thing she could do --
, which is a year, in prison. unprecedented. maggie from texas, independent line. i am a progressive. my choice would be bernie sanders. sanders, heie stands up for the little people. can you hear me? host: go ahead. caller: he is a man of principle. he stands up for the little people. he does not represent the one percent in this country. he represents the other 99%. overwhelmingly choose bernie sanders. host: please tell me what first brought him to your attention. what is the specific thing that got him? caller: i have followed him for years. there are a few good democrats. they are still controlled by the party politics. i will take bernie sanders any day. three comments so far, a wide range of comments, about who best or present your political party. you have heard our folks talk about it this morning. tell us why and tell us who that person is. the phone lines, if you want to give us a call -- here's the latest from egypt, saying -- politics is our discussion for the first topic this morning, who better be since your political party. lakeland, florida, democrats line, hello. has --
in dc, and i think all the perspectives, i hope, enrich the readers here in north texas. i mean, that's how i see it. it's -- one thing i promised parents was i would never cover drug trafficking. we lived on the border in el paso, and that was something you knew not to touch or mess around with because it could come back and bite you. by the early -- after the president and george w. bush relationship, after 9/11, the immigration policy was not going anywhere. i decided best thing for me was to get back to mention -- mexico. there was industry changes. the economic crisis affected us, and i was basically had no other choice other than cover drug trafficking because it was the big story. it's, i think, like many mexicans, i had tried to look away or not really -- not really look at the monster, you know, face-to-face. after that incident, after that, i covered various stories and saw how deep the penetration was. from that point on, i mean, i didn't look back. it is a personal story. it's a personal memoir and gorpny, but i hope that enriches the reader in many ways. >> ambassador, ho
lose it 28-20. it is a chance to gain some ground on first place texas because the rangers lost to seattle. dan and i loosen up before every show. it gets the neck going. he is not my ennis he is yo ennis. that his his 20th homer. bottom of the seventh and he knocks in a hustling catch. he scored from first and top 9 and two men on as cabrera with a liner to third that looks scary. donaldson turns it into the game ending double play. 3-2 the final. the giants visiting south beach and playing the marlins. the two lowest scoring teams in the national league combined for 24 runs. hector sanchez set a season high in runs scored. they win a slug fest. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> he is a fresh -- freshman. >> he is a true freshman playing at marin catholic. >> thanks, larry. >>> coming up next, the 11-year-old pianist who wake up weather. we will see the fog along the coast first thing in the morning. high clouds as well. mild inland temperatures in the upper 50s to the mid60s. coming up, into the 60s at 8:00 a.m. and lisa argen is here at 5:00. >> thank you. >
-20. it is a chance to gain some ground on first place texas because the rangers lost to seattle. dan and i loosen up before every show. it gets the neck going. he is not my ennis he is yo ennis. that his his 20th homer. bottom of the seventh and he knocks in a hustling catch. he scored from first and top 9 and two men on as cabrera with a liner to third that looks scary. donaldson turns it into the game ending double play. 3-2 the final. the giants visiting south beach and playing the marlins. the two lowest scoring teams in the national league combined for 24 runs. hector sanchez set a season high in runs scored. they win a slug fest. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> he is a fresh -- freshman. >> he is a true freshman playing at marin catholic. >> thanks, larry. >>> coming up next, the 11-year-old pianist who already it's happening now. people are switching to finish... ... and it's spreading all across america. quantum with power gel delivers amazing clean and shine, even in the hardest water, which cascade just can't do. take the finish shine challenge with quantum. voted produ
francisco then to go back to mississippi or texas or whether we have escaped from. this is the only place on earth that we have so we have a special bloogs to maintain a sanctuary for lgbt people. i think this is the moment where the city is recognizing there's a problem and not all gay people are rich and thank you for your support >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm at lyric. i feel it's important for the commissioners to approve this as a former queer trans youth it's difficult four us i mean the queer and queer variant. when i was in the homeless shelter it was difficult i faced many prejudices. even when shelter say they address accident queer or the transgenders i know they don't. i notice a lot of any sisters from the age of 16 to 24 their subject to a lot of abuse and be it physical or verbal they suffer abuse in general. it's hard to exist in a closed-minded society. you're not seen as the person you are but whatever someone else knows you represent. so many of my sisters are forced out into the street to do prostitution or anyway to make a living. i feel as tho
that hillary cited her speech and she did cite examples were in the south, mississippi, texas, florida, south carolina. she is suggesting that since 1965 and 2013 the white people in the south are irrevocably racist and cannot be trusted. half of the country below the mason-dixon line still cannot be trusted and this is a person who wants to be president of the entire united states and this is the basis on which she's going to run to turn out as jason suggested, black voter turnout. in 2005 the federal election reform commission headed by jimmy carter and former secretary of state jim baker said that voter i. dchlt laws should be promoted because they will enfranchise black voters. she's suggesting that no one could possibly disagree with her. well, serious people do disagree with her on this. >> let me ask a political question, jason. what is the benefit for republicans pushing -- that's what they're doing -- a lot of these states are pushing this are republicans. not universally, but in north carolina the government flipped. the republicans pushed some of these laws. are they getting much o
a cleveland weekend with cleveland. a chance to gain ground on first-place texas because the rangers lost to seattle. this is not how we like to loosen up before a newscast. cespedes, and tied 2-2. they regain the lead. a hustling steven vogt, the catcher, cord from first. top nine. two men on. cabrera with a liner that looked like trouble. josh donaldson turns it into the game-ending double play. they are half game behind texas, 3-2000 the final. giants visiting south beach and place the marlins. the two lowest scoring teams in the national league come bean for 24 runs. sanchez, a three-run bomb and giants set a season-high in runs scored. they win a slugfest 14-10. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next, the annual faith walk honoring a bay area broadcast who are passed away from breast cancer. eye only a couple hours away. we will tell you which local band is performing that just might push you >> here are are the winning numbers from last night's lotto. nobody correctly picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot now estimated at $51 mi
of an engine fire. a homeowner in texas is thank. for her not so scary guard dog today. the lap dogs scared away a gun-toting burglar. the would-be robber kicks the gate if her house and ran away when the dogs went after them they chased the suspect down the street. they bite is worse than their bark. those are the top stories right now. >>> the obama administration has bet and lost heavily on greed energy. think of solyndra for example. that has not stopped it from pushing on to ways that some evade congressional oversight. >> for the first time, the solar panels are going up on the roof of the white house. part of a mandate as part of renewables for the government. and symbolic gesture that the president is plowing ahead with the green energy agenda. >> he said he wasn't going to wait for congress. he had administrative authority and time to utilize those more effectively in a more concerted way. >> the obama administration is being strategically brilliant by doing this behind the scenes. they are going to achieve everything that the u.n. treaty, cap and trade and carbon taxes could have
with cleveland. a chance to gain ground on first-place texas because the rangers lost to seattle. this is not how we like to loosen up before a newscast. cespedes, and tied 2-2. they regain the lead. doubling home. a hustling steven vogt, the catcher, scored from first. top nine. two men on. cabrera with a liner that looked like trouble. josh donaldson turns it into the game-ending double play. they are half game behind texas, 3-2, the final. >>> giants visiting south beach and place the marlins. the two lowest scoring teams in the national league come bean for 24 runs. sanchez, a three-run bomb and giants set a season-high in runs scored. they win a slugfest 14-10. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next, the annual faith walk honoring a bay area broadcast who are passed away from breast cancer. >>> the ninth annual breast cancer challenge to raise money for low income patients kicks off this morning. the fundraiser honors faith fancher, the broadcaster who passed away in 2003 after a long battle with breast cancer. the walk starts at 10:00 a.m.
weekend, senator ted cruz of texas received a standing ovation from a crowd of conservative christians when he said that he wanted to abolish obamacare. >> there is no more important regulatory reform that we can do than to repeal every single word of obamacare. regulatory reform. do we want to reform the bible? do we want to reform the christian faith? these people are phony christians. they preach out of one side of their mouth and they operate out of another. to the detriment of americans who need help. denying people. think about this. denying people with preexisting conditions health care is morally wrong. yet they stand on solid ground in their mind that it is the right thing to do. denying 30 million americans health care is simply the wrong way to go. that's not what we want as a country. all this talk about how it is an unpopular policy. no, it's not. it's not. this is what the majority of americans want. we should also point out to congresswoman bachmann that lying is wrong. >> the american people lose control? what do they get? they get health care, health insurance, i shoul
to austin, texas and introduce you to an incredible film screened at this year's south by southwest. "lunarcy!" is a feature documentary centered around a group of people who have one thing in common -- a shared obsession with the moon. for more, we meet the film's director, simon ennis. ♪ >> i honestly believe dennis hope is the smartest man in the entire world. for you to get this amazing idea and make literally millions of dollars off of, you know, owning the moon and selling it, and finding a legal basis for doing it. you know, if you can think of a better idea than that, then you should be a millionaire, too. ♪ i'm simon ennis, and i'm the director of "lunarcy!" ♪ "lunarcy!" is a comic documentary about a desperate group of dreamers and schemers who have all devoted their lives to the moon. ♪ the main characters in the film are alan bean, who's an apollo 12 astronaut. he was the fourth man to walk on the moon and since retiring as an astronaut, he's been painting lunar landscapes. he puts a little bit of moon dust in every single painting. >> the moon really is gray. th
it to texas. that would be much better. but if a piece of that moisture slams us and goes along the stationary front -- and i want to show you the numbers, david. this is what's going to happen. this is what's going to happen regardless because that stationary front dropping more and potential flash flooding tallahassee up to raleigh. >> and the tropical storm you were tracking last night with diane, good news? now a tropical depression, erin, and weakening even more. let's look at the path. it stays out in the atlantic and keeps weakening. not getting close. maybe a brush with bermuda, but we'll be watching. >> see you in the morning. thank you. >>> to the west tonight and at least 11 states not getting rain but sorely in need of it. dozens of wildfires still burning out west, including the beaver creek fire, near hailey, ketchum, and sun valley, idaho. the fire now covers 85 square miles. 800 homes were evacuated because of the unpredictable flames. warnings that near record drought throughout the west could now lead to yet new fires. >>> now to the town devastated by the ef-5 tornado back i
effective. we've seen that in states like texas and oklahoma. the federal government is behind the curve as is california at least what a lot of experts say. >> california passed prop 36 recently how states have been taking the lead. in prop 36 basically said for the third strike to happen it has to be for a serious crime. i'm wondering with what holder announced if there's bipartisan support in washington for something like this? >> we are seeing that. i think -- michael i want to hear your thoughts in the cultural shift here. it was not too long ago that californians and across the country people said throw away the key. people are starting to look at the prison system and some of the injustices which holder called shameful and realizing there are huge inequities and a lot of lives being affect when you talk about throwing away the key on 20-year-old man. a young man who was 23 sentenced to life without parole for the first nonviolent drug offense, $1500 drug deal. serial killers, you know, don't spend that much time in prison. that kind of case is what holder is talking about. >> ther
's going to score on a bad throw, but sew guard is thrown out at third, 3-2, a's. half game back of texas in the al west. giants and marlins, first inning, already, two run score. fourth inning. yesterday hector sanchez, a three run blast. giants win 14-10. and over at cal, sunny dikes has named his new quarterback. it will be jared goff. he's a freshman from marin. >>> how die say it? not too hard, not too soft, but just right. >> yes. >> a florida family got a shock when they found a bear napping in their house. >> and it was all caught on camera. this is what the family ep countered when they got home, yeah, that's a big black bear taking a nap. it got in the house through a screen door. just wanted to lie down. officials tried to get rid of the bear. he's like no, i like it here. he set up a trap, and he got away. i think he's scratching himself. >>> we're going to leave you as those hundreds of bicyclists are going south. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "breaking bad," emmy-winner a
adopters attending this year's south by southwest, entrepreneurs, the founder of apply flock to texas. >> you don't need 20 investors, you just need a few. our job is to find that guy and to make that connection. >> follow us as we learn how to break through the noise at the festival. until then, remember we make your business our business. is like hammering. riding against the wind. uphill. every day. we make money on saddles and tubes. but not on bikes. my margins are thinner than these tires. anything that gives me some breathing room makes a difference. membership helps make the most of your cashflow. i'm nelson gutierrez of strictly bicycles and my money works as hard as i do. this is what membership is. this is what membership does. >>> i'm chris hayes and this is an msnbc special, the politics of power. >> if we do not act soon, it is our children and our grandchildren who will have to pay the price. >> professor paul, our economy is every bit as fragile as the environment. perhaps you should keep that in mind before making sensation allist claims. >> well, the last chunk of ic
might as well kept me hitched in the plantations of east texas. she wanted a home, nothing fancy, and a civilized city, a house up the road in fresno or bakersfield would do, but willie patterson, her husband, kept pounding nails and boards on to that crooked hut in the middle of horn toad country, and the black people kept trickling in from oklahoma, arkansas, texas, and louisiana. they'd come looking for a place with a cotton growing a little taller and the white folks had. raised up a little nicer. they found the taller cotton. i'm not sure they found the white folks any nicer. the black oakees thought coming west they'd leave behind the racism. the sunshined more benignly on them here, but i remember a number of them telling me it was a more cruel kind of racism, smile on the face, but a dagger behind the back is how they described california. they were not allowed to live in any of the cities, not even the small towns. they were locked out. the only land available for them were these patches of ailing land. when you see the land, it's so salty, it's like it snowed there. it
are from kentucky, utah, texas, generally the most conservative senators are conservative states and the most conservative congressmen are from rural districts. i think realistically if the republican party is going to be a more limited government party as we're talking about, you're going to start having more senators from purple states and congressmen from suburban districts that are elected and limited government candidates. but typically in these more urban or suburban districts or purple states you're not going to have the more conservative candidates winning in primaries. so i'm just concerned how realistic is that to expect the party to truly be taken over by more limited government candidates? >> sure. that definitely is a major challenge because what we've seen really since the rise of the conservative movement with the founding of national review in 1955 and some events before that, we've really only had two movement conservatives nominated for president by the republican party. we had barry goldwater in 1964 who went on to lose and then ronald reagan who went on to win
that's what's important to us. >> a couple of small dogs are big on bravery. a woman in texas said two pets helped to chase off an armed robber that tried to break in her home. >> it is a yorke and maltese. they wont let him come near mommy with a gun. the robber was never found but if he comes back, her dogs will be waiting. >> recapping one of our top stories tonight. egyptian security fores saying they rounded up hundreds of supporters of the ousted president morsi after they barricaded themselves in a carry mosque. they are considering banning the muslim brotherhood. that's how fox reports on this saturday 17th, 2013. thank you for watching. huckabee begins in 30 seconds. we'll take you live to the fight night and headline an amazing fight. right after that join me on stage b for the premier of fox sports live. let's get back to boston for the ufc fight night. >> tonight on huckabee, another delay in the affordable care act. we delay things and why not delay it permanently and come up with a role solution. >> unaffordable and unpopular, but is obama care unstoppable. >> what you ar
on tuesday. the 2009 shooting at fort hood, texas, left 13 dead and more than 30 wounded. military prosecutors are seeking the death penalty, but hasan says he wants to argue the killings were in defense of the taliban, fighting americans in afghanistan. he plans to represent himself at trial. for "teen kids news," i'm rick leventhal, "fox news channel in the classroom." >> you may have seen the movie "school of rock." well, emily got a chance to visit a summer camp that gives teens a taste of what it's really like to be part of a rock band. here's her report. >> this is a home for kids that live and breathe music. >> welcome to school of rock in montclair, new jersey. >> check, check, check. >> as mark explains, this is more than just a summer camp. >> well, the school of rock is a year-round performance-based music program for kids age 7 through 18. >> campers are divided into bands based on instrument, age, and ability. >> first day off the bat, we teach them, you're gonna be with this band for a week. know each others' names, make friends, and communicate it, not just musically
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to cut back production for two months. the refinery in port arthur texas may have to slash capacity by 75,000 barrels per day. the company blames a typing issue. primarily fix it could take until the fall of next year. officials one day may use force to open blockaded oil terminals. libya's crude oil output has been halved by the striking industry workers. they've brought many parts to a standstill. at the lowest level since gaddafi was ousted from power. next on "money," our rates consumers wanting a class action lawsuit against time warner cable? plus, it is franchise friday. part three. how to pit the perfect franchise and location. have you actually get the operation of the ground? to franchise owners will back to work as the ridge. did not want to miss this. piles of "money" coming out. charles: in ♪ charles: your tv is not experiencing technical difficulties. the time warner cable's tbs black and is entering its third week and customers are fighting back. two class-action lawsuits of been filed. will the cost of a legal battle and more bad publicity during the standstill to an end
in towards the west around south texas. they could use some rain down there. we are not talking about the storm. the moisture, however is, going in towards the northeast. take a look at high temperatures. see that green patch there? clayton, how about that. 70 degrees today. going to be lucky to get to 70 in atlanta and it's august. that feels like october, november in atlanta. >> this is the type of weather with the windows open. nighttime sleeping it's incredible. >> alisyn: don't make it sound so great. i miss august. i need it to be hot before labor day. >> clayton: thanks, rick. trust us. we are doing our best. under no circumstances are americans being spied on? it turns out over 2700 americans were spied on last year according to an internal reported by the nsa. a report that was not released to congress. not given even to the administration. but held tightly within nsa and leaked ultimately to the "the washington post." which is how we know about it. >> clayton: yesterday, john delong, i love this. he is the director of compliance with the nsa. held a press conference with rep
things miss texas wants. >> that's right! >> i wear extensions, and they always cause me so many problems, but i tried the wen product for the first time today, and they took all the tangles out of them, they feel healthy and shiny, and they look wonderful. >> you'll probably tell me you have frizzy hair. it's--you don't have frizzy hair, it's what you've been doing to your hair that's causing the frizz. think of your hair as an extension of your skin, and i guarantee you'll treat it much nicer. >> thanks to chaz, my hair is so full of volume, and so full of moisture. it's softer than my hair has ever been, i've never felt anything this soft. >> i can't believe i have this much volume and this much body. thank you so much, chaz dean. you've made my hair feel wonderful, you've made me feel wonderful, and we can't thank you enough to have you as a miss america sponsor. >> and with just one use with wen, you, too, at home can feel like miss america. >> i'm miss washington, and i'm a wen girl. >> i'm miss texas, and i'm a wen girl. >> i'm miss oregon, and i'm a wen girl. >> i'm miss wisconsin
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